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Terms and Conditions


Quotations are subject to the equipment being available when the booking confirmation and deposit is received. Forest Marquees known hereafter as FM will write confirming the booking, and this is when the contract commences.

Every effort will be made by FM to supply the goods ordered, but if necessary FM reserve the right to substitute equipment of a similar size and quality.

Quotations assume that the site is reasonably level, firm, grassed, free from flooding with easy access for commercial vehicles and that no cables, drains, pipes or other services are concealed beneath the surface and there are no overhead obstructions to impede erection. If the site does not comply with these assumptions additional charges may have to be made. The hirer will be responsible for any liability arising from damage to any buried services or pipes.


The hire period is from the time of arrival of staff to commence erection until the equipment bas been dismantled and removed from the site. If lack of access to the site delays FM's work, FM shall be entitled to recover the cost of the delay from the hirer.


Hire charges for marquees etc. Include the provision of labour for erection and dismantling. Charges for all other equipment do not include assembly and placement, unless stipulated in the letter of acceptance.

At least two days before erection, the hirer must supply FM with detailed information and/or drawing of the site and the position required for the Marquee. In the absence of this information FM will carry out the work as it thinks fit and any subsequent alteration required by the hirer may attract additional charges. The hire charges do not include making good unavoidable damage to the site incurred during erection or dismantling operations, and while every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum, some damage is inevitable.

The hirer is responsible for obtaining permits and permissions, and for giving any notices required to the relevant authorities/owners e.g. planning authority, police, firebrigade. The hirer is also responsible for paying for admission tickets for company staff where necessary for erection and dismantling.


The hirer is responsible for taking out, and keeping in force throughout the hire period, insurance cover for Public Liability, fire and theft. FM may ask for verification that cover be in place. The safety of all hired equipment will be the hirer's responsibility during the hire period. He must ensure that marquees are completely closed when not in use and that pegs and ropes which become loose are secured as necessary. The hirer is also responsible for any damage to, or loss of FM equipment during the period of hire, fair wear and tear excepted. Adhesive tape, other than PVC insulation tape must not b e used on any part of the equipment. Damage of loss will be charged at the current replacement rate and reimbursement must be made to FM within 7 days


Other than the equipment installed by FM in the marquees, no lighting, beating, cooking or other gas or electrical appliance of any kind shall be used in, or next to any equipment hired from FM without previous consent in writing from FM


The hirer is responsible for ensuring that:

Heaters, cookers etc. are placed I meter away from the walls. Only electric or purpose designed gas equipment is used.

Barbecues and open fires are a minimum of 5 Meters from the sides of the Marquees In winter, the inside temperature is over 12 degrees when snow is forecast.


The hirer will be responsible for the charge off refilling if let off without reason.


The hirer must forward a deposit of 20% of the hire fee with his order. The balance must be paid immediately the marquee is erected.

FM does not accept any liability for delay or non-completion of contract due to strikes, civil commotion, riots, force majeure. weather conditions or any other cause beyond FMS control.


If the hirer wishes to cancel a booking, he must do so in writing. If cancellation is received more than 14 days before the hire is due to commence, FM will retain the deposit. In all other cases the hirer will be liable for the full fee.

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